Saturday, July 23, 2011

Movies for kids!

If you’re like me often you’d like to know something about a movie before you watch it with your kids, especially if you’re going to be spending a million dollars   a lot of money to take them to the theater.  Even here at home if I’m looking for something new to watch with my daughter on Netflix I found this website I just love…   Common Sense Media

They have book reviews, movies, music, apps, and video games along with recommended age appropriateness.

See below I checked out the Winnie the Pooh movie (which I have zero concerns about taking my daughter to but thought it would be a good example). 

From the green slide bar you can see it’s recommended for ages 3+… the yellow around the 2 indicates use caution with children this age.  If it were not recommended for any age range those ages would be in red.


Then it breaks down ratings on violence, positive message, product placement, etc, followed by parent/kid reviews of the movie.

Check it out the next time your kids want to see something. 

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