Thursday, August 6, 2009

More To Love 'Review

I would call myself a moderate reality TV viewer. I've never seen 'Survivor', but have watched several seasons of 'American Idol'. I used to love 'The Mole' (does anyone remember that show?? It was great. Anderson Cooper was the host... I loved it.... alas it was shortlived). I digress. I have never watched a season of 'The Bachelor' or 'The Bachelorette', but have seen episodes here, and there. I always thought it was so degrading for these women to chase after this guy. Sure he was a great catch on paper, but there are lots of great guys on paper, how are they in the reality of day to day life?.

I had a co-worker who loved the bachelor shows, and would always fill me in on the goings-ons in these singleton lives. I always used to say I wish they'd do a show with 'Real' women (ie, not a size 2, but size 12+). So, I was intrigued when I saw the previews for 'More To Love', having been a 'real' woman my entire life. I thought FINALLY.

What I saw when I tuned in was a new level of degrading. The show displayed the girls weight EVERY time they were on. It was horrifying. Then during the 'interview' portion their were several girls so emotionally distraught over the dating struggles of the overweight that they were just sad.

Would it have been so hard for the producers to find 'Real' women comfortable in their own skin? Again, being a 'Real' woman my whole life on some levels I could identify with a lot of what they said. Our society does have a lot of superficiality, a lot of people judge us by our outward appearance. I'm keenly aware of this reality. However, there are A LOT of people who aren't superficial. While I concede being heavier makes the dating pool smaller, it doesn't make it impossible.

Walking around in the world you see lots of couples of all shapes and sizes in happy relationships despite what Hollywood would have us believe.

PROS; The only pro I see in a format like this, is perhaps two people may use this avenue to find each other, and forever happiness.

CONS; Aside from the degrading outlined above, I don't like the message it's sending to young girls struggling with their weight. That message comes directly from the girls on this show.

OKAY, here's the thing...

If you enjoy the bachelor & bachelorette shows you will probably enjoy this. The bachelor on the show isn't half bad (although he was a bit smarmy at times). Some of the girls are very sweet (and very young). Perhaps being on a show like this will give them a confidence to go out into the dating world, and find the nice guy who sees their hearts.

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Dottie said...

I loved The Mole... And I'm a huge big brother fan but was never interested in the dating shows.
I like this new blog. Keep it up.