Saturday, August 22, 2009


I think Hollywood is running out of original ideas... we have TV that is saturated with 'reality' shows, that don't require writers, actors, etc thus the only creativity required is to come up with a concept (as an aside I think the producers of some of these shows use the term 'Star', and 'Celebrity' quite liberally... either that or I'm getting too old to know who these people are). It seems as if they're recycling (or as my Dad would say 'Re-treads'), old ideas, characters, etc.

Last season we saw "Beverly Hills 90210" (from my younger days), recycled as "90210" not only bringing back a similar story line, but some of the same actors/actresses now adults.

They are re-making "The A-Team" into a movie.

This season we have "Melrose Place" coming back as a TV series called "Melrose Place".

Were these shows so great the first time around that they need to come back?? How about something original or new?

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