Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fit For A Ballerina…

I was so excited this year when my Mom asked me to make the ‘cake’ for my niece’s dance recital (usually it’s my Mom’s task)… I immediately began scouring the internet for ideas, and found these

I did mine in lavender to match my niece’s costume.  They went together pretty quickly… I got tired of tracing them so I traced about 10 on my cardstock, and then scanned it to my computer, and then printed out 2 more sheets directly on the cardstock (I was making 24).



Then I cut my tulle… the directions said to make them 5x10… the roll I bought at Michael’s was 6in so I just went with that…  I also cut an extra piece of cardstock to 10 inches as a measuring guide to cut.


Unfortunately, at this point I got so engrossed in making them that I stopped taking pictures… they were a bit labor intensive… I also found it easier to tape the lollipop stick on BEFORE doing the tulle on the back, and I used single sided tape for the stick.  One other point is the ribbon I found was lace w/ pearls, and it really didn’t want to stick… I think a standard ribbon would work much easier.  You can also find ribbon usually in the scrapbook section that is sticky on the back side so check around for that.

They were a big hit, and my niece loved them!!


This is the link with more detailed (video included) on making these with tissue paper instead of tulle.

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KSL64 said...

How cute!!! You are so creative!