Monday, June 27, 2011

Unique Personalized Gifts…

Check out this custom invitation, announcement website Little Ladybug Designs

They’ve just  launched a new line of customized products for your little ones called “Just Like Me” !! So cute… she’s got stationary, lunchboxes, plates/bowls… SOOO fun. 

Little Ladybug

The best part is, not only can you have your child’s name printed on these products, but you can design the cartoon to match your child’s skin tone, hair color, eye color, hair style, and even put a pacifier in his/her mouth!!

As an adoptive Mom I’m always looking for products that my are reflective of my daughter’s physical characteristics…. something she can relate to, identify with, and see herself in.  I LOVE that I can do that with these.

I ADORE this little lunchbox, and know Madalynn would flip over it… she loves any little thing you can put items in… the BEST part is it says it’s a chalkboard INSIDE… so if you use it as a lunchbox you can leave an encouraging note for you child at school…. I CAN’T even handle it!!!



I think some of these would also make great newborn gifts, and WONDERFUL for families welcoming a child through adoption.

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